Monday, March 8, 2010

Abandoned Youth Detention Center (Bmore)

Explored! January 9th, 2010.

This youth detention center is located on a hilltop in the suburbs of Baltimore next to a brand new and active facility. I was greeted with trails of fresh blood (deer blood, I believe) in the snow on my way up and I heard; people talking, trucks driving by, and actually had somebody walk into one of the buildings I was exploring. So after a few "rambo mode" moments hiding in the woodline & jumping into a closet in the admin building, I continued on. This place has a rich history and both of the buildings I visited this day were essentially left as-is from the day it closed. One room was FILLED with trash bags full of inmates clothing. Untouched for several years...

I didn't get to visit all the buildings on this property so this is still a work in progress. I had a great time here and will be back in the very near future. Hopefully there will be a little less traffic coming in and out of there too.

Oh and I was approached by a pretty upset donkey while making my way back into the woodline. *shrugs*

The set can be seen here:

Before I hit the woodline..

Avid Reader

Free Parking

Exit sign, looking for an exit

Cuban Link

Thanks for looking!


  1. Are this picture taken by you . they are really nice i like them . Kind of scary though i guess it must be your theme. feels like i am legend ( will smith ) i could feel the loneliness in those pictures. dont get me wrong they are great pictures i can imagine that i am really there.

  2. Yes all the pictures in this blog are taken by me. These places definitely have a creepy vibe to them, and that is kind of what I'm going for when I shoot.

    Thanks for the comment, and glad you like them!


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