Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Abandoned Silk Mill

EXPLORED! May 30th, 2010

History Lesson

The silk mill in [this place], was in operation from 1907-1957. Construction of the Klotz Throwing Mill Company began in 1905. Initially, silk was imported from Japan and China and the factory produced silk thread and, during World War II, rayon. In the 1920s the payroll included over 300 people, but in later years fewer than 200 worked there, and by the 1950s antiquated machines in a small mill made competition with larger facilities difficult. In 1957 the mill closed. An employee in the 1940s, stated “it (the mill) kept the bread and butter on a lot of people’s tables because of the coal mine strikes and other problems, and it really helped the economy.”

Present Day

This place still stands as it did when it closed it's doors. It was literally a time warp into 1957, as this silk mill closed its doors forever that year, and has been relatively untouched since then. The calendars and safety posters still hung on the walls, and lockers were filled with workers personal belongings from that era. Pretty dope!

The entire set can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/missinlinx/sets/72157624188565786/

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