Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Abandoned Prison In Pennsylvania

Explored! February 14th, 2010

I went out to do some Valentine's Day exploring and decided to check out a few places in Pennsylvania.

The second place that I visited was an abandoned prison which has been standing silently for over 30 years in the middle of a pretty rough neighborhood. Once a pretty popular "hobo den" in the eighties it is filled with a few really cool finds and plenty of old school style malt liquor and typical whino cans/bottles; but if you look a little harder (or scale down the collapsed basement staircase) you'll find some even cooler things in this place. I had a good time at this location and tried my best to make a building with a lot of similar floors look even more interesting. Not a particularly easy task to do.

The rest of the set can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/missinlinx/sets/72157623326928711/


Bar None
Legal Documents..
Frosty Flight
Rusty Jux
Lonely Loafer

Thanks for looking!

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