Saturday, March 6, 2010

Abandoned Mental Health Clinic

Explored! January 31st, 2010.

This place was very intriguing to me from the outside. It looked as though it was untouched for over 15 years or so. It was in a forgotten corner of a active campus, so I wanted to check it out. Upon entering I could see that metal/copper scrappers (probably legal ones) had done a number to almost all of the rooms. Not much left to see.

This place had several different floors that housed a series of different types of patients. One floor was a minimum security holding area, another for adolescent youth, a search and seizure lock-down floor and psychology unit on the top floor. It seemed that the higher I went up the less damaged the building was. The basement was really odd, but kind of cool.

Here is the rest of the set:

General Tso's Entrance

Hallway shot 2nd floor

No Bones

Fire Door with sexy paint

Don't smoke the oxygen... that shit is ADDICTIVE

Thanks for looking!!

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